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Traveling to San Francisco for Google Cloud Next!

After randomly getting free tickets from Google for the Google Cloud Next Conference in San Francisco, I decided to take a mini vacation to just explore the tech hub for the next couple of days. So excited!

Day 5/100 What are the big problems you'd like to solve?

Today, I had to do an outline about how we fix the world's social problems through decentralization of power and adoption of the equity model of ownership.

Day 4/100 Set up Twitter Oauth

Today, my family celebrated my younger cousin's birthday!

Day 3/100 CRUD operations with Flask and MongoDB

Today, I set up the basic CRUD (Create, Read, Update, and Delete) operations for the Food Truck App in Flask and MongoDB. The reason we usually start with this is to remain Agile, especially for data oriented software. Without a strong foundation, doing analysis and predictions can get messy which leads to low quality products. To learn more, you can see the data pyramid which I learned from reading Russel Jurney's book on Agile Data Science which I strongly recommend along with aurélien géron's book on Hand's on Machine Learning. These 2 books were the most informative on my path towards learning data science.

Day 2/100 Hosting a Meetup

Today, I hosted a Freecodecamp meetup at my company today. We're currently working on an event recommender system, but we'll focus first on Food Trucks. For the next week, I'll try setting up a minimum viable product using Flask, Flutter, and MongoDB. We'll use Flask to create the CRUD (create, read, update, and delete) routes, mongodb to store location and time information, and Flutter for Mobile Development on both Android and iOS in one codebase. We choose this stack since it's simple, but scalable. I'm looking into hosting on GCP, but might just host it on one my personal servers for simplicity.