Join me on my explorations through data and software engineering. Hopefully these data-driven analyses will better inform us on real facts rather than fake news. My aim is to show how very quick analyses can uncover hidden patterns and useful information. I will also share my experience in coding the infrastructure as I'm very interested in data engineering as well. If you have any interesting questions about the world you'd like to ask, just shoot me a message through the contact page, and I'll give it a shot.

Techstars Hackathon at

Last weekend, I attended a startup hackathon at! The goal was to create an app that helped the LatinX community. We got familiar with the Lean Canvas Model which is a more connected and abbreviated form of a business plan. This way, we will understand why a business goes in one direction over another.

Testing out Hortonworks HDP and HDF

This month, I took a look at Hortonwork's Data Platform (HDP) and Data flow (HDF).

San Francisco Vacation

SF was so awesome! This was my first time using Lyft as I never had a need for it before. Since I didn't know how to use the Lyft app, many travellers around me gladly provided assistance. 

Traveling to San Francisco for Google Cloud Next!

After randomly getting free tickets from Google for the Google Cloud Next Conference in San Francisco, I decided to take a mini vacation to just explore the tech hub for the next couple of days. So excited!

Day 5/100 What are the big problems you'd like to solve?

Today, I had to do an outline about how we fix the world's social problems through decentralization of power and adoption of the equity model of ownership.